We will continue to take on challenges for our customers and society with "Quality First" principle.

We've been machining mainly automobile drive train parts and in order to meet the needs of our customers, each and every employee understands the importance of "quality" and has improved our processing technology. We will continue to adhere to the quality-first principle and contribute to our customers and society.


Technology and trust cultivated over 70 years of history since our founding.

In 1948 we'd started processing agricultural machine parts in Kitashimizu-cho, Sakai City, and have manufactured and processed many machine parts so far. In the era of drastic changes during the period of high economic growth, we entered the automobile industry, improved our technological capabilities from the era of mainly manual machines and put quality first and led to the trust of our customers.

Since 1948

Extraordinary technology that keeps normal safey.

The most important thing in manufacturing is the safety of the end user who actually uses it. It is natural to provide safety because automobile parts are especially products that save people's lives. The features of RIVATEC are technology, equipment and system that produce high quality.

Safety & Quality


  1. FEATURE 01

    1/1000 mm control achieves mass production of high-quality products.

    We mainly manufacture and process parts for drive-train system among automotive parts, controlling with a tolerance width 15 ㎛ and one million units capacity per month in RIVATEC group.


  2. FEATURE 02

    Control of machine operation status with IOT operation monitoring.

    Using IoT technology, monitor the operating status of equipment in real time. We are building an efficient production system by managing the operating status and operational availability on a daily basis and keeping the equipment in good condition at all times.


  3. FEATURE 03

    We have many qualified technicians of machining.

    Various national qualification holders are enrolled, including machining numerical control lathe work, machining center work, and machine inspection work.
    More than 50 qualified technicians are enrolled in RIVATEC group and we provide support for skills testing through in-house education so that we are actively promoting qualifications for young employees.


  4. FEATURE 04

    Acquired ISO9001 and 14001 certificate Creating environmentally friendly factory.

    We have acquired ISO9001 (quality management system) and ISO14001 (environmental management system) certification for quality control and construction of production environment.
    Each employee strives to maintain and improve production levels through activities such as 5S, QC, and improvement.