RIVATEC group has contributed to the industry by making parts for automobiles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery over 70 years.

With "Quality First" as our motto, it is the wish of all RIVATEC group employees to make our customers happy through our manufacturing. RIVATEC group will continue to aim not to be a biggest but to be a best manufacturing company that will satisfy our customers.

PresidentMitsuyasu Kawasaki





We always aim to manufacture products that satisfy our customers with "Quality First" principle.

  1. 01

    The development of the company and the happiness of employees and their families are equal.

  2. 02

    We receive salaries from our customers through manufacturing that pleases them.

  3. 03

    We aim to be a small number of elites by creating a tight corporate structure.


We always ensure the level of quality that satisfies our customers and continue to further improve it.

Develop quality targets based on the quality policy in each department and ensure that they are executed, evaluate the sustainability of their appropriateness in management reviews, and review them as necessary.

Obtained ISO9001 cetification


We regard environmental improvement activities as one of our customers' requests, and we will implement the following items and actively work on environmental improvement.

Obtained ISO14001 cetification

  • In order to meet the needs of our customers, we are aware that improving processing technology and reducing defects is an environmental improvement activity, and we will work to reduce defects.
  • We will work on continuous improvement of processing technology and management system to prevent pollution.
  • We will endeavor to comply with environmental laws, ordinances, agreements and other agreed requirements.
  • This environmental policy will be made known to those who work for or for us and will be disclosed outside the company.